Frequently Asked Questions

How does reserving your pets work?

Here at Pets Sky Breeder  we require a deposit to be placed on our reserve list. Most customers reserved   our pets prior to birth. We have implemented this process and have loved the outcome. We are able to create relationships with our adoptive families and get to know them. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that our fur babies go the best homes!

How much is your deposit?

Our deposit is $400- $800 for puppies , $400- $800 for kitten and $200 -$700 for birds That price comes off the price of your pets

Once I place my deposit, how does the picking process work?

Your pick is done in the order your deposit was received. We have a color list, male/female list. Flexibility is always helpful!

How does your waiting list work?

Once you place your deposit you’re placed on our waiting list. When you place your deposit you will be asked a few questions so we can better assist you; Are you looking for male or female? Is there a specific color you’re looking for? This will help us get the best match for your wants and needs. 

Do your puppies come with shots?

Of course. All our pets come on all age appropriate vaccinations. They will also be dewormed

Will I need to microchip the pet?

Nope! We will make sure your pets is microchipped when he or she leaves Pets Sky Breeders . 

Do your pets come with a health guarantee?

Yes, they do. We have a detailed explanation which we can provide at your request it covers all our guarantee entails. 

Do you offer shipping?

Yes. We have a trusted nanny that we provide to our families . Your pet will fly in cabin with the Nanny from our nearest airport using VIP shipping to your house address

Shipping pets is quite safe using  airlines, have procedures in place to be sure they arrive in good health…
Life with Pets Sky Breeders agrees to replace the bird or give a full refund on the purchase price of the pets if it is proven not to be  healthy following the sale.
Our pets also comes with playing  toys 
At time of delivery  you will be given a copy of Health Guarantee that both buyer and seller will sign

What type of payments do you receive?

We accept final payments with a bank to bank transfer. You’re also able to mail a Bank check prior to your pets leaving as long as there is time for the check to post and clear.

  • We accept PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • We accept e-Transfer(Canada).
  • We accept PayID ( Australia).

Will my puppy be potty trained?

Well it would be such a great thing if a pets could learn that quickly, but unfortunately, we need to put a little more time into training. We will teach the pets to go potty on the pads while they’re with us and our goal is always that the transition will be smooth when they venture off with their new families.

What sets you apart from other breeders?

We always tell people that you should research and research and when you think you have researched enough, research more! The pets isn’t for everyone, or every family. We don’t just sell our pets to just anyone, we provide an experience. We want to make this a memorable time for you, and your entire family.
We always tell people, you can always go out and find a pets now, but there are reasons people wait for our babies . We understand they are not inexpensive, but quality/health is worth waiting for

When do we get to pick our pets, or Request for shipping once they’re born?

We like to make sure all our families pickup their pets by 5 weeks of age. request for shipping atlease 8 weeks of age
Why, 5 weeks?  We feel that at this point the puppies have opened their eyes and have begun to take steps and are ready to be called their name picked by their families. This is when the process becomes more personal and so much fun! This is when we say, “this is when the fun begins!” 

Are your Pets socialized while in your care?

we believe socialization at a young age is a critical factor for having a confident, happy, and well-adjusted Pets. It is essential to teach some basic manners and commands. Our pets are taught to “step up,” “step down,” and “no.” . We feel this is a bonus, enabling the them to adjust with less stress to those households with other pets

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